Our company

BESTMILK (until recently Bestrade Sp. z o.o.) is a limited liability company, established in the food market since January 2009.

The Management Board and the company's staff are people with many years of experience in the industry. Every year since its founding, BESTMILK has dynamically increased its market share, acquiring new customers, expanding the range of products and entering new markets.

For several years, BESTMILK has had a policy of active selling in foreign markets. The company is an established exporter to many countries, including, among others: Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, United Kingdom, Moldova, Serbia, Belarus. BESTMILK creates from exports about 30% of its turnover.

Thanks to high standards of building relationships with business partners, BESTMILK continuously pursues its mission:

"providing the Customer with products of an optimal balance of quality/price"

BESTMILK is a multiple winner of the Company FAIR PLAY prize, “Business Gazelles”, Podkarpacka Economic Award and others. The company engages in the social sphere by participating in local activities such as Job Fairs, help for schools, sponsoring sports organizations.



The basic areas of activity of BESTMILK Sp. z o.o. are:

  • raw materials for dairy and confectionery production – sales of raw milk and pasteurized milk, metastatic cream, condensed whey, milk powder, whey powder, sweetened condensed milk, etc.,
  • buying milk from farmers in the provinces of central, eastern and north-eastern Poland
  • dairy – the company manufactures and distributes products marked with its own brands (BRACKI, SIELSKI SMAK, CZTERY LISTKI), and products of other renowned manufacturers,
  • support for HoReCa - cheeses (blocks, grated, granules), cottage cheese (half-fat, full-fat), oils, sauces, ketchup, cold cut meats, additives, etc.)
  • support for agriculture - fertilizers, feed, seed, rapeseed meal, soya meal, etc.


Therefore, we invite you to work with us!