The buying of raw milk has been carried out since 2009. The main objectives of the policy of the BESTMILK company (then BESTRADE) from its founding were reliability, quality and consistency in operation. This gave the foundations for building a recognized brand on the market.




Purchase of milk currently includes the areas of the provinces:



BESTMILK Sp. z o.o. has introduced simplified procedures to facilitate cooperation with our suppliers.
Simply contact one of the representatives, who will provide detailed information about the conditions for cooperation, pricing policy and answer any questions. All the necessary steps regarding contracting conditions for suppliers and signing of contractual agreements are carried out at the farmer’s premises.;

BESTMILK Sp. z o.o. offers its suppliers sales of articles for agricultural production (feed, seed, fertilizer, mineral-vitamin premixes, means for milking hygiene, etc.) with preferential prices, settled together with the supply of milk.

Contacts - purchasing department

Region warmińsko-mazurski, tel. +48 784 066 724
Region mazowiecki, tel. +48 784 066 726
Region kujawsko-pomorski, tel. +48 784 066 723
Region podlaski, tel. +48 787 785 389

Region lubelski, tel. +48 733 701 953

We perform analysis of raw milk in our Laboratory: >>more information here